Baptism and Dedication Services

We recognise that each parent has a different experience of faith, and so we offer two different services for infants and young children... Infant Baptism and Dedication.

In infant baptism, parents (and God-Parents) make faith promises on behalf of the child, promising to raise the child in the Christian faith as active members of a Christian Church. At the same time they also confess their own faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, their desire to turn away from sin and turn back to God.

The infant dedication service is different to baptism. In this service the parents and sponsors (similar to God-Parents) give thanks to God for the life of the child and ask his blessing upon them.

As a church community, we love to join with you in thanking God for your children and so all baptisms and dedications are done during our 10am Sunday service at St Marks, Avalon.

Come and join us one Sunday morning at St Marks so you can get a feel for the style of our services and the vibe of our church community. If you visit and think that St Marks is the right kind of church for your child’s baptism or dedication please use the form below of contact the church office on 02 9918 2829 and arrange to speak with one of our ministry team.  They will arrange a time to meet with you personally and assist you in choosing a service that best reflects your journey with God.

We also baptise those who have come to faith in Jesus and have not been baptised as infants or young children. Please speak with one of our ministry team members if you would like to know more.


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