Update from Moses - December 2018 - From Brenda

Happy Christmas

May you enjoy celebrating Gods goodness together during this season.

We are blessed by a loving Heavenly Father.

Today I managed to deposit the school fees for the students we sponsor in secondary school here, including Moses Kigen, the boy you so generously rescued last February.

Good news - we managed to find 8 new sponsors for the 8 students graduating from Milami primary and seeking assistance with fees. This was 8 out of 33 in the class of 2018 and included many of the top achievers. We got several scoring in the top 1% in the country - some reflection of the commitment by staff and students during the year. But of those, quite a number could not afford primary fees (Michael and Melab do select such students for free primary education on the basis of their potential) so its a great relief to be able to support these ones especially into secondary. Some government help is available for tertiary (like HELB) if they perform well in final secondary exams.

For Moses in particular, I have decided to again pay the full year fees upfront as I am a little worried what the dollar might do in an election year. This was an amount of 53,554/- shillings and cost $A 734. I had this money sitting in the balance you collected last year, thank you. 

Attached please find a copy of the bank deposit slip. I will give the original to Moses when we meet on December 28th at Milami School. All our sponsored students are expected to attend that day. 

Sincere thanks for your kindness toward young Moses. He seems to be making the most of the opportunity given to him and doing well. We trust this will continue in 2019 and beyond.

One of our Form 1 (poor) high achievers was also offered a place at Machakos School in 2019 so they may be travelling together. I hope Stanley copes as well as Moses carrying the Milami banner there.

God bless you all


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