Update from Moses - August 2018


Dear Barrenjoey Church members, greetings from me and the Joska crew.

August vacation is closing and the students are returning to school for Term 3 this coming week. I visited Joska yesterday and collected a letter written by Moses to you and hisTerm 2 report. We paid his fees for the year in advance. Given other schools mucking around changing fee schedules mid year I might try and do this again next year. We have funds to cover Moses 2019 fees.

Moses was not able to come until afternoon - so I did not see him this time. He is still going ok academically and enjoying the opportunity at a good school.

I am meeting with these kids next in early November. If you would like to send a message of some kind I am sure it would be appreciated.

Be assured that your support with school fees at this good school is greatly appreciated. Moses seems to be making the most of his opportunity.

God bless you


Moses Letter Aug 2018.jpg
Moses School Report T2 2018.jpg
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