Update from The Sholls

Here is a new update from our missionaries over in Mexico. Please keep them in your prayers :

“On Sunday we’ll have a lunch with friends to celebrate 10 years in Mexico so we’ll write about that after the event. For now, here’s some news:


Give thanks for a restful holiday at home over Christmas and time with Karina visiting. Thanks also that she moved into New College on Sunday to start her studies at UNSW. Pray for her as she adjusts to yet another transition, that she’ll make good friends and be an encouragement to many. Thanks for her keen involvement with Campus Bible Study, Unichurch and Holy Trinity Kingsford and the opportunities she has to learn and serve.


Give thanks for our 10 years in Mexico (anniversary on 20th Feb). Thanks for the way that God has provided for us and sustained us in all the good works that he has prepared for us. Give thanks for the many people who’ve grown in their understanding of God’s word through our ministry and pray that they will continue to grow and serve others.

Pete will travel to Panama 21st Feb. Pray for safe travels and faithful teaching.

Sarah’s Sunday morning Bible study (which started last September) has grown in number and commitment. Some older women in particular are delighting in digging into the Bible using questions and although it’s a new style of learning they are valuing it greatly. Pray that they’ll continue to grow and look for ways to serve others.


Miriam and Lucy are both waiting for results of applications - Lucy for two different summer programs in July, and Miriam for her scholarship for the 3 years of study at Prepa (senior high). Pray that they’ll receive good offers and be content with what is offered (or not!).


Pray for Sarah’s father, in aged care in Glenhaven, who has fallen twice recently.


Thanks for praying for us.



Katrina WallsComment