At Grom Church we love Jesus, families and the beaches.

We know that sitting in pews and listening to a talk isn't the way any kid learns! Instead we head out of our 10am Sunday Church service into age-appropriate groups to play games, listen to short talks, do craft, chat about what we've learnt and enjoy time with our friends and leaders.


Our creche kids are up to three years old. They're our youngest kids, cared for in a safe and playful environment with leaders making the most of informal learning experiences to teach them about Jesus. 

They enjoy a variety of toys and books, as well as music and play!


Our preschoolers are 3-5 years old. They hear short Bible stories that help them to understand God from what they know of their world. They do simple crafts, play games, enjoy singing to music and learn to remember verses from the Bible.


Our infants kids have just started school, and are in K-2. They read parts of the Bible together and hear about what they mean. They play games, do crafts and sing songs that allow them to engage with the same truths in a different style.  


Our primary kids are in years 3-4 at school, and are able to learn much more independently. They gather in small groups to discuss the Bible, and work out how it affects their lives even as kids. They also do a variety of activities and crafts to help them engage with the Jesus they are learning about. They also pray for and with each other, building relationships with each other and their leader.

Rising Sundays

Rising Sundays is where our Rising Juniors crews (years 5-8) meet! They explore the bible in more detail, discovering the difference Jesus makes to life as they grow in their teenage years, helping them prepare for many of life's challenges.


Keeping our kids safe:

Our leaders are well-trained, Safe Ministry qualified and all have Working With Children Checks. 

We’d love you and your children to join us. If you'd like to know more, contact our Children's Worker, Jamie Post.