Our Story

We are an extended family of people who have been transformed by Jesus.

For each of us this transformation has occurred in different ways, but at its heart, has begun with Jesus taking us from 'death' to 'life'. This new spiritual reality of being truly alive to God means that we are also being transformed in an ongoing way. So we have been changed and we continue to change and grow.

Many of us have come from pretty unremarkable lives to actually become friends with God. Some of us have come from very dark and difficult places; and we also have found peace with God. We'd love to meet you personally and tell you our individual stories of how Jesus has changed our life.

What our stories have in common is that this transformation happens through God’s word and through prayer. God's message in the Bible about Jesus really has power to change us, for good and forever. And so we prioritise reading and considering what the Bible has to say to us-- it is our foundation. We have also found that talking with God in prayer has remarkable power to change us and others in wonderful ways.

There is a very practical outworking of all God's kindness to us. We now aim to love others with the kind of love Jesus has shown us. This love compells us to reach out to serve those in need: the poor, the suffering, and the spiritually lost.

The transformation that Jesus brings is a journey. We're not there yet and we're not perfect. But we'd be delighted to have you join us on this journey.

Some History

Christians first met together in Avalon in the early 1920s in the home of CMS Missionaries Rev Henry and Mrs Elise Holmes, at 17 Old Barrenjoey Rd. Later, during 1938, services were held in Mr and Mrs Wickham's home which backed on to the corner store ('McDonalds Old Store'). It is said that the pinball machines echoed in the background during Sunday services.

In the early forties, during World War Two, a large tent was bought to hold services in at the southern end of Avalon Beach. It was rather old and was 'blown to ribbons by the first southerly buster'. Fundraising for a permanent church building continued during this difficult war-time period.

In 1943 the foundation for a small brick church building was laid on the present site at 1 Kevin Ave, Avalon. Building was completed on 23 October 1943, with the first regular service held a fortnight later Sunday 7th November. Services were held every second Sunday afternoon, led by young pioneer preachers such as Ken Short and Brian Richardson, sent from the parish of Narrabeen.

In 1958, Rev Neville Keen was appointed the first Rector of the Parish of Pittwater, including Mona Vale, Newport, Avalon and Palm Beach. In 1960 the church of St Davids Palm Beach was opened after many years of fundraising and local mission work.

These little snippets from our past reveal a pioneering spirit for gospel work that continues today. We are still motivated by the reality that the Northern Beaches need Jesus.