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Practical Spirituality

One of the reasons we struggle to live Christianly in our day-to-day lives is that we keep our spiritual lives seperate from our working lives, our family lives, our social lives, and every other kind of life. The book of James leads us into a new practical kind of spirituality that integrates all the different aspects of our lives under the Lordship of Jesus. 

The letter of James shows us one of the church’s early pastors skilfully going about his work of confronting, diagnosing and dealing with areas of misbelief and misbehaviour that turned up in the congregations under his care. Deep and living wisdom is brought to bear on all the daily kinds of issues they face and which we know so well. Indeed, the book of James is a kind of wisdom book. It’s wisdom shows us what to do with truth as we wear it to work, to the family table, to our social events and everywhere in between.