We go to church ready for Jesus to bring his transforming power to our lives. We expect to be challenged and to grow as we meet Jesus in his word, as we pray, and as we sing. There is a style of service for everyone at St Marks. 

At 8am

We  meet for a traditional Anglican Holy Communion service with hymns  played on the organ. This is generally attended by Prime Timers (55+) and their friends who appreciate the structure of a liturgical service and the opportunities that provides for prayer and reflecting on the scriptures.

 At 10am

We have a family service for parents, kids and anyone else who’d like to join in! We begin by singing together before the kids head off to Grom Church for age-appropriate teaching while adults stay to dig in to the bible, listen to a talk and discuss how that will impact our lives. The music is more contemporary and the style is less formal than a traditional service.

Grom Church has programs for crèche, preschoolers, infants and primary kids, as well as Rising Sundays (youth in years 6-8).

At 6pm

In the evenings, Night Church takes over. This is a gathering primarily for 15-30 year olds, but also welcoming to people of all ages. Leadership is shared between our Lead Pastor and our Youth and Young Adults Pastor.