1 Peter: Chosen Exiles  

A Bible Reading Plan-- for you and a friend


Read the the book of 1 Peter with a friend using these simple 'Swedish Method' sheets. Click here to download the .pdf file.

What is the 'Swedish Method'?

It goes like this:

  1.  Read the passage aloud.
  2. Each person then reads back over the passage on their own, and looks for three things:
    1. a light bulb: any insights or things that shine out from the passage for you; perhaps its something important or just something that strikes you as the reader-- you read it and went, "Ah ha!"
    2. a question mark: something that requires explanation; perhaps its something that's hard to understand, something that the reader would like to be able to ask the author about.
    3. an arrow: anything that applies personally to the reader's life.
  3. Each person should write down at least one thing (and no more than three!) in each category. Doodling and highlighting connections between ideas in the passage will also be helpful at this time. Allow about 5-10 minutes for this.
  4. In turn, share your 'light bulbs' and discuss. Then share your question marks, and then your arrows.
  5. Pray together about what you have learned and what you will do in response to your time together in the word.